The following document sets out the RLAA's purpose, conditions of membership, governance structure, and roles and responsibilities pertaining to the general operations of the association.

1 - Mission Statement

  • The RLAA is a volunteer-driven organization designed to inspire and support member artists at all levels, by expanding their artistic knowledge and skills, particularly in regards to painting.
  • We accomplish this mission through collegial networking activities, workshops, exhibitions opportunities, a speakers program, and more.

2 - Membership:

  1. The RLAA welcomes members who produce two-dimensional original paintings in all types of media: watercolour, oil, acrylic, collage, pastel, or mixed media.
  2. It also welcomes members who produce other art forms as long as they understand the the RLAA's main focus is on painting.
  3. Members do not have to reside in the Rideau Lakes region.
  4. Members must pay a yearly membership fee in September as established by the Executive Committee, and must sign in at monthly meetings.
  5. Members are expected to attend at least 30% of meetings and to volunteer and help out the association in any way possible e.g.. participation in a committee, helping out at monthly meetings, etc.

3 - Governance:

  1. The RLAA members elect a new Executive Committee every two years in September.
  2. The executive Committee is comprised of: a President, a Vice-President, the past President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and chairs of sub-committees such as Membership, Marketing and Communications, Programs, Workshops and Shows.
  3. The roles of each member of the Executive are as follows:

a. President:

i. Chairs the monthly meetings and Executive Committee meetings

ii. Sets the agenda and schedule for the above, in collaboration with the Executive

iii. Coordinates the development of policy

iv. Interacts with the community and other arts organizations

v. Oversees the smooth running of the association and it's committees and manages issues or conflicts as necessary

vi. Maintains a long-term view for the association, and the development of a vision for the organization

vii. In the event of a tie vote, makes the final decision

b. Vice-President:

i. Support the President in the above tasks

ii. Fills in for the President in his/her absence

iii. Acts as a co-signer for financial transactions.

iv. Apprentices for the role of President

c. Past President:

i. Support the President in the above tasks

ii. Provides continuity in policy development and issues management

iii. Chairs a Nominating Committee and proposes a slate for the election of a new Executive Committee

iv. Announces upcoming elections in May/June, accepts nominations in August and manages the election process in September

v. Should Executive members and committee Chairs need to leave their positions prior to the end of their term, they will inform the Past President of the resulting vacancy.  The nominating committee will find replacements for these positions, in consultation with the executive

d. Secretary:

1. Records and distributes within 30 days the minutes of Executive Committee meetings and monthly meetings after sending them to the President for prior approval

ii. Maintains records of the monthly meetings in the RLAA Record Book and an electronic copy of the minutes of Executive Committee meetings

iii. Maintains an up to date e-mail contact list of all members and acts as the conduit for all general e-mails to the membership

iv. Manages correspondence including the sending of greeting cards as required

v. Maintains a watch on future succession planning for the role of Secretary 

e. Treasurer:

i. Maintains the RLAA's financial records: develops a budget for the coming year, records all financial transactions and submits monthly financial reports to the Executive Committee and to the membership

ii. Makes payments as required

iii. Coordinates the finances for RLAA shows

iv. Provides financial analysis and advice to the Executive Committee

v. Acts as a co-signer for financial transactions and as the main liaison with the bank

vi. Completes a year-end financial statement for the RLAA's financial year running from September to September

vii. Ensures that an annual audit is conducted and assist the Auditor as required

viii. Maintains a watch on future succession planning for the roles of Treasurer

f. Sub-Committee Chairs:

i. Program:

  • Arrange for speakers for general meetings
  • Maintain a list of potential speakers as well as an historical list of speakers
  • Inform speakers about details of meetings and location
  • Welcome and introduce and later thank speakers
  • Arrange for card and cheque to be available at the meeting

ii. Workshops:

  • Organizes workshops, courses, gallery visits and other developmental activities
  • Maintains a list of potential instructors as well as an historical list
  • Coordinates hall availability, opening and lock up with the hall manager (Jim Mulville)
  • Invites the instructor and works out course details
  • Calculates the cost to the membership (non members pay a premium)
  • Promotes the workshop or activity and collects fees
  • Ensures payment for course instructor

iii. Marketing and Communications: to be further developed by Committee

  • The RLAA logo is to be used only by the RLAA
  • The RLAA Executive Committee must approve any other use of the RLAA logo
  • The web-master will maintain the RLAA website and suggest updates as necessary
  • the RLAA presence on social media should be vetted by a member of the Executive Committee

iii. Membership:

  • Receives membership applications
  • Maintains an up to date Membership List
  • Collects Membership fees and issues receipts
  • Answers all inquires regarding RLAA Membership
  • Manages the monthly meeting registration and keeps a record of attendance
  • Distributes RLAA orientation information to new members
  • Orders new name tags as required

iv. Shows:

  • Organizes and oversees all aspects of shows (id. book the venue, advertise, sign up participants, arrange food and beverages for the show, staff the show, set up and take down, settle all sales and finance for the show)
  • Chairs a committee which will help run shows
  • Select a local charity and determine and arrange for benefits
  • Retains copies of number of entries, sales, etc. for future reference
  • Maintain an up-to-date book summarizing all the details/tasks necessary to run each show
  • Submit a show report to the membership

v. Christmas party:

  • Book a caterer
  • Promote the event and collect fees
  • Get volunteers for table decorations
  • Ensure hall cleanup

vi. June paint-out:

  • Find a host location
  • Promote the event: announce details at the May meeting (place, time, what to bring) and send out e-mail reminder two weeks ahead

4 - Decision-making:

  1. The Executive Committee may propose policy decisions to the RLAA membership at the monthly meetings or by e-mail as necessary
  2. Decisions at monthly meetings are majority-based (50 +1), made by an open show of hands, unless a closed paper vote or an e-mail vote is warranted.  Before a decision can be taken at a monthly meeting one must first determine if there is a quorum present consisting of at least 1/3 of the membership.

5 - RLAA Shows:

  1. Members who wish to participate in any of the RLAA shows (Art in the Barn, $100 and Under, etc.) must have attended three monthly meetings in the year leading up to the show.  This is to encourage networking, volunteering and up-to-date communications.
  2. If attendance at three meetings is problematic, the member must negotiate with the RLAA Executive to find alternate ways of volunteering for the organization
  3. At the 'Art in the Barn' and the '$100 and Under' shows, members may put up for sale other art forms (pottery, sculptures, photos, reproductions, textiles, etc.) as long as original paintings constitute a strong component of their display.
  4. If it has been decided that a percentage of show sales is destined for a charity selected by the RLAA, or towards future shows, members must openly disclose their total sales and donate the appropriate percentage at the end of the show.
  5. Before, during and after shows, members should respect one another and work harmoniously together to ensure the overall success of the event.
  6. Failure to comply with any of the above may result in the termination of a member's participation in future shows.

6 - RLAA Library:

  1. The library committee should organize and catalogue books and videos for member use; make material available before and during monthly meetings; manage a sign out/sign in system to keep track of books, etc.
  2. The committee accepts donations, recommends purchases and proposes removal of material from the library
  3. The library  committee reminds members who have things out too long
  4. Books borrowed from the RLAA library are to be signed out, only two items at a time.
  5. Books must be returned in 30 days unless there is no monthly meeting (February and July) in which case the book(s) should be returned in 60 days.

7 - Venues Coordinators:

  1. Conveners will act as a liaison between the venue and the RLAA
  2. Organize dates and times for change overs and submit for the RLAA calendar
  3. Ensure that all paintings meet RLAA hanging standards and have RLAA tags
  4. As required, ensure artists have signed a release form before hanging artwork, notify artist of sale and arrange for replacement painting
  5. Report sales at next general meeting

8 - Newsletter:

  1. Publish a quarterly newsletter in March, June, September and December to inform members about all aspects of RLAA activity and to encourage their participation
  2. Prior to each edition, remind members to submit articles they would like to see included
  3. Complie the newsletter, including any paid advertising, edit, convert to PDF and email it to the membership
  4. Bring hard copies to the next meeting for those who don't have email

9 - Paint-ins Coordinator:

  1. Co-ordinate with hall manager (Jim Mulville) for unlocking and locking up the hall
  2. Oversee set up and take down of tables/chairs as required-ensure hall and kitchen is left clean and tidy with help of all participants
  3. Periodically arrange to change the paintings in the hall in keeping with RLAA standards
  4. Purchase a gift for the hall manager at Christmas form the hall fees
  5. Collect paint-in fees from participants and submit money to RLAA treasurer at monthly meetings
  6. Maintain a stock of plastic table cloths to protect tables

10 - Webmaster:

  1. Manage the RLAA website and update it as required
  2. Set up initial page for each artist's page and assist members as necessary, including photo re-sizing, graphics, etc.
  3. Redirect any emails that come through the website contact form
  4. Create new banners and webpages for upcoming events
  5. Update the calendar with events, shows, workshops, paint-ins and changeovers

11- Hospitality:

  1. Ensure the availability of refreshments for meetings and special events
  2. Circulate a sign up list for members to volunteer to bring food for meetings and contact them one week before the meeting to remind them
  3. Set up coffee, tea and brought goodies ready for the break
  4. After the meeting, clean up the kitchen, including the floor, lock the cupboard and take out tea towels home to wash
  5. Maintain supplies of coffee, milk, plastic wrap, dish soap, etc. for meetings and also for paint-ins

12 - Calendar (September to September)

  1. Confirm with the hall manager (Jim Mulville) dates available for the coming year for meetings and paint-ins
  2. Prepare a 12 month calendar to display all meeting and paint-in dates and ensure that it is distributed to all members  Include information on meeting speakers, workshop instructors, art shows, venue and change-over dates for the coming year (Take a few extra hard copies to the meetings)
  3. Update the calendar periodically throughout the year

13 - Archives

  1. Maintain the RLAA archives with photos, articles, copies of newsletters, etc.
  2. Maintain the members bio book