Executive and Committee Chairs


President: Fred Fowler
Vice presidents: Jenn Raby - Marketing; Claire Jacobs - Venues
Secretary: Jane Griggs
Treasurer: Jackie Coldrey
Past president: Louise Mantha


Programs: David Gilmore
Workshops: Sally Chupick
Membership: Sarah Young-Fowler (chair)


Christmas Party: Deborah Jodoin
Summer picnic: TBD
Hospitality: Beatrice Rickenbacher
Paint the Summer: Dayle VanAlstine, Lead. Email dayle.vanalstine@gmail.com; Jackie Coldrey, Kathy Lavender, Margaret Martin, Sherry Rodgers, Sharon Benson, Rhonda Garton, Fred Fowler, Claire Jacobs, Andre Dubois
Holly Jolly Art Show: Peggy Orders
Paint in Liaison: Lorna Hutton
Savoury and Sweet:  Owner, Tamas Brummer


C’est Tout Bakery: Claire Jacobs
The Cove: Lorna Hutton; Dennis Hutton; Helen Benda
Fiddleheads: Jenn Raby, Caroline Evans
North Crosby Hall: Deborah Jodoin
Coffee Culture: Kathy Lavender, Dorothy Hudson, Sheila Dixon
Valley Heartland: Kathy Lavender, Dorothy Hudson
Elliott St. Clinic: Dayle Van Alstine, Caroline Evans
James Brett Salon: Louise Mantha
Station Theatre Smiths Falls:Jackie Coldrey
Smiths Falls Veterinary Clinic: Susan Leslie


Art Supplies: Shirley Mancino
Newsletter: Jackie Coldrey
Library: Caroline Evans
Website Administrator: Dawn Gibson Fortin
Calendar (Scheduling): Jill Ferguson
North Crosby Hall Liaison: Mary Chaikowsky
MEMBERS: Please check your Membership Lists for contact information.
NON-MEMBERS: Please send an email to rlaawebsite@gmail.com with your comments.
Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate committee member.