Shirley Mancino
Paintings with Panache

Mancino is a professional painter, teacher, art critic and juror. Her passions for life and travel can be seen in her dramatic artworks. Mancino has a distinctive and innovative experimental style. She brings a fresh and vibrant perspective to people-scapes and abstractions. With 30 years experience as an adult educator, she delivers joyful workshops and presentations to art associations and public groups.

After completing four years study at the Ontario College of Art and Design, she studied experimental art with Lila Lewis Irving, John Leonard, and Denis Cliff at the Haliburton School of Fine Arts. She studied with Helen Koffee at Belles Artes Institute, San Miguel, Mexico. A life long learner, Shirley continues to take art workshops to enhance her skills.

Mancino thrives on experimentation using layering, collaging and many other non-brush techniques. She starts with abstract under paintings, pushing herself to remain loose. When it works, she signs it. If it lacks pizzazz, she layers over top letting the under painting shine through. This creates an ethereal or mystical quality to her work for which she is well known. “It is the mystery in the work, which fascinates me”.

Among her numerous awards are The Juror's Choice Award, Toronto Watercolour Society (2000); The People’s Choice Award 2008, Perth Art on a Lawn; four awards at The Rideau Valley Art Festival (RVAF) in 1996 including Best of Show, First in Mixed Media and First in Watercolour and the People's Choice Award. She has won other First place awards at both the RVAF and the Cabbagetown Festival over the years.

Mancino’s work can be seen at: Artemisia Gallery, Westport; Latitude 44, Toronto; Gallery Studio 737, Tweed; Cambridge Design Gallery, Ottawa; The Agnes Etherington Gallery and Gallery Raymond, Kingston; Ottawa Mixed Media Association’s on line gallery in addition to a number of other locations

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