I am an artist that is legally blind, currently living in Portland, Ontario and looking for work in any field.

Having vision loss has never stopped me from accomplishing my goals and enjoying life, not even from exploring Europe.

My philosophy is based on the thought that everything is possible.  One just needs to find the way to accomplish the task/dream, because life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.  Being a lifelong learner as well encourages me to take on new challenges and push myself as my parents always told me there was nothing I could not do, I only had to try.  Failure is not meant to be feared, but embraced as a testament to trying.

My art is a way to see and discover the world around  me by observation and my own perception.  I never truly know what the viewer would see, for in truth I can never fully see my pieces as my vision is blurry and am only capable of seeing light, high contrast and colours.  Many have asked me how I can create art with such low vision and I can never fully explain it to them for I do not understand it myself.

Commission work to me is another tool to discover and meet new people I never would come across on a day-to-day basis.  It gives me the privilege of briefly learning about someone by working with them one-on-one.  Work created for others is a glimpse of my perspective and a piece of the individual that will receive the completed piece.