Figurative and landscape oils
Batik art

Louise Mignault is an award winning film & television makeup artist from Montreal. She has worked with actors like Robert Downey Jr., Halle Berry and Tyrese Gibson to mention a few.

She retired from the film business in 2010 when she moved to Cornwall, Ontario.

Visual art has replaced cinema artistry. Her style is impressionist realist. She uses oil to paint contemplative landscapes and realistic nudes. She reserves batik with its incandescent colours for the exotic.

In her words: "I am only inspired to paint that which moves me. Places I have been to or places I want to be in. These are usually places of tranquility and natural spirituality. People I have been in my life or would like to be and people I understand and relate to. Experiences I have had or would like to have. "

Louise divides her time between organic gardening and renovating a 200-year old farmhouse.

She curates art exhibits for Focus Art. She will curate the upcoming Focus Art Show at the Benson Centre in November.

Her works have been shown in Canada and Mexico.