"When I paint a portrait I try to capture the personality of my subject. People and animals are very important to me. They are intriguing in uniqueness and individuality and I try to capture that spirit in oils."

Located in the heart of the Rideau (Smiths Falls, Ontario) Helen Benda has turned her passion for art into beautiful, one-of-a-kind paintings. Her keen eye for detail and colour are honed with a great appreciation for the painters of the past. From portraits, landscapes, abstracts and many more, Helen pursues excellence in all her artistic ventures.

Helen began her tutelage of painting and portraitures.

Starting in 1959 in Toronto, she then moved on to learn at the Ottawa School of Art and with Daniel Green of the New York Art Student League. To this day, Helen Benda works hard to be constantly learning and growing her artistic talents. Her joy of learning has translated into a great capacity for teaching. She has taught children's workshops, teenager and adult art classes, and is a proud 'Teacher of Adults' graduate. 

Her love of art is reflected in the many different arrays of artwork Helen produces. Her artistic style often reflects 'Photo Realism', taking inspiration from the Old Masters. Depending on the piece, Helen often works in oil or acrylic paint. Still life, landscapes, floral, abstract ... it is an example for Helen's enthusiasm for the artistic undertaking that she works hard to excel in each and every painting style she experiments in. Most well known are her portraits. Helen renders portraits through personal sittings, or through photographs - especially for pets and children.

Her talented works are offered in many different locations. They sweep across the country and across the ocean, including Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, New Brunswick, Florida, England and Germany.

Helen also donates a piece regularly to the Big Brothers Art Auction, helping raise money for this wonderful mentoring non-profit organization.

If you would like to contact Helen Benda, please email hbenda@sympatico.ca.

Places to view Helen's Work:

The Cove (Westport, ON)

Paul Howard, Office (Smiths Falls, ON)

Century 21, Office (Smiths Falls, ON)

Spotlight on the Rideau (Smiths Falls, ON)

... coming soon

Fiddleheads (Perth, ON)

To commission a portrait or other painting, please email