Elaine Arkwright recalls that her first awareness of art occurred when she visited her Aunt Mary.  Her aunt had art work of several medias in many rooms, some of which were lined up along her mantel, stacked two or three deep. Elaine still treasures a pastel of herself Aunt Mary drew while watching all the cousins at play.

Elaine always took note of her surroundings, often thinking that a particular scene would make a nice picture.  However, it wasn't until 2003, when Elaine moved from Montreal to Sarnia, that her interest in art was peaked again.  Monthly Art Walks, celebrating many artists and their works, gave the community a chance to meet the artists and get to know more about their styles.  Elaine soon realized what she liked in art and wanted to learn more.  She befriended many artists at the art walks and took the opportunity to attend water colour workshops.

A few years later Elaine moved to Cornwall.  This brought her in contact with her cousin Jenn (yes Aunt Mary's daughter).  Now with the distance between them no longer a problem, and both of them retired, the reunion had excited Elaine on a personal and artistic level.  Now Elaine can enjoy Jenn's company while painting with water colour and exploring the world of batik, which is now her passion.

Elaine has been in several juried shows and has won awards for some of her batiks.  Some of her treasures have sold and others are in homes of family and friends.