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Dawn Gibson Fortin

For me, ART is a world that began beckoning when I was a teenager.  One night back then, I picked up paper and pencil and drew a picture of my youngest sister while she slept.  I've never forgotten my amazement when I realized that the drawing bore a remarkable resemblance to the child.

Life happened and I spent my adult years as a wife and mother, raising two daughters and working in the Information Technology field, first as a trainer and then as an Information Technology Project Manager.  When I retired, I began taking art lessons and have spent a several years with batik as my choice of medium.  A while ago, I began using silks in the creation of the batiks.  More recently, I have been using acrylics and look forward to continuing with this medium.

I love the process of creating art.  Each step takes me deeper into a meditative like place and time flies in peace and contentment.  My journey continues as I become more and more open to all exciting possibilities.