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Caroline Evans


I am strongly attracted to wild landscapes, to lost or forgotten sites, and to signs of change in the natural world.  I try to imbue my paintings with a sense of delight of finding, and a hope for a better future. My style is pretty realistic, although odd flings of fantasy and imagination creep in from time to time.

My works usually start with photographs, which trigger memory of a place or event.  Sketches and small alla prima studies usually follow,  of which the best get developed into larger works.  Oil remains my favourite medium, partly because it gives me time to step away from a work and come back with a fresh eye. I expand into watercolours occasionally, and batik is a demanding communal activity that often teaches me a great deal.


Caroline grew up in England next to a large woodland and pond, with which she became intimately acquainted. On the grounds that she was “too smart to do art”, she was forced to take Latin instead. Whilst at London University, she took extra- curricular classes in silversmithing at Sir John Cass College of Art, and pottery at night school. After a B.A. and P.G.C.E., she  taught in High school, and  used her creative instincts to make worksheets, draw on blackboards, create costumes for theatre and clothes for herself and her family, all the while painting, playing with clay, fabric and furniture to brighten up people’s lives. As a military spouse, and a working parent, there were times when an art career had to be put aside: nevertheless, she persisted, and  after a time developing her art skills in the Southern States with Lee Meriwether, she exhibited and sold in the Joseph Sisters Gallery in Leesville, and at RAD in De Ridder, Louisiana. Upon returning to Canada, she took lessons from Harvey Walker at the META4 gallery in Port Perry, and is currently refining her skills with Jenn Raby and Richard Hutton in Perth. 

 Her work hangs in homes and offices in England, Wales, New Zealand, U.S.A., Canada and Italy.

She is a member of RLAA, and also of Manotick Artists Association. She is a founder of Art Works! Perth.

Caroline donates a portion of each sale to The Brain Tumor Charity Michelle King Fund. She shares working thoughts and interesting things on ‘Caroline’s Art Page’ on Facebook.

Caroline has supported the RLAA activities since joining the group. She has run the Library, been part of organizing committtees for RLAA shows, and currently  assists in changeovers at Fiddleheads and Elliott Street in Perth.

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