Barb is a Perth, Ontario artist who specializes in capturing the beauty of water and landscape in local Eastern Ontario, Quebec and Northeast U.S.

Working in acrylics on canvas, she is showing recent works from local areas such as Murphy's Point Provincial Park and Lanark County, as well as recent trip to Vancouver.

Her paintings are a reflection of her fascination with the interaction between light, colour and pattern in water and landscape.  Because of the many layers of design and colour found in water, the possibilities are endless.You can only paint the effects of light, the differentvalues/intensities where there is no light appearing as shadows.

Barb paints light, atmosphere, the transparency of water.  She explores water through the reflections that outline its movement - the reflected sky above reaching down , the bottom sand, rocks and grasses all reaching up towards the surface, the changinf colours of the forest edgestrying to define, shape and define it.

Colour is important.  She usually begins with an underpainting in a contrasting colour, such as violet or orange, which provides vibrancy, contrast and continuity to the painting.  The initial blocking is done with purple or red.  Then, with the addition of colour, the painting takes on a life of its own. It seems that the best paintings paint themselves.

The emphasis is on the process of discovery: that is the creative interpretation of some aspect of the landscape, and then a personal expression of what is discovered.

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